Restored Westinghouse WD 12 Coca-Cola CoolerIn the early 90’s, Back In Time Warehouse was having trouble finding restorers who could put out a consistent product to sell in its store. When our website was built in 1996, we refused to ship products to customers that were not up to our standards. For this reason, BITW Restorations was created to restore soda machines. The owner believed for this company to be successful,it had to become known for producing the best quality product on the market.As he explained, “We will never be the cheapest in the world but we can certainly be the best!”
A person with experience restoring antique cars was hired and given the following mandate: “Do not cut any corners; take as much time as needed to do the job right. Look for ways to improve our restorations so that we can comfortably say, if we are not the best in the world, there is no one better!”
  • Over the next 3 years this was the mandate that was followed!
  • We started sandblasting machines to bare metal when most everyone was just sanding and painting their machines.
  • We started repairing all defects in the shell when everyone else was just repairing the noticeable ones.
  • We started spraying primer on the inside of the shells and painting them when everyone else just painted the outside.
  • We started using the best quality PPG paints when most everyone else was using cheaper paints.
  • We started powder coating tanks and other parts when most everyone else was painting them with Hammer tone paint sold at Wal-Mart.
  • We sent all chrome pieces out to be plated when everyone else only sent the ones that were in bad shape.
  • We started using all new insulation when most everyone else used the old if it looked good.
  • We started using all new stainless screws when putting machines back together instead of using the old cleaned up rusty ones.
  • We started installing all new refrigeration systems when everyone else was painting the old ones, sometimes adding new wiring and/or fan motors and calling the units restored.
  • We started offering 3 year warranties when most were offering 90days if any at all.
  • And this list of improvement goes on.
To make a long story short, by 2000 most knowledgeable people knew BITW restorations and considered them to be “If not the best in the world,there was no one better’. In Fact a lot of dealers were using BITW restorations as their yardstick to measure their quality! You started to hear; well we are almost like BITW but cheaper and other such comments.Over the last 7 or 8 years, a lot of restorers have copied parts of what we do and the overall restoration process has improved.
But if they say, “Our restorations are almost like BITW’s”, keep in mind, we are BITW Restorations.
The owner is retiring and he is spinning off divisions to reward his loyal employees. The soda chest division is run by Greg Robby. Greg was hired and taught everything he knows about restoration at BITW. Since he only knows one way to restore a machine, we can count on him continuing with the quality restorations for which BITW has become synonymous.
Many of our machines are on display in museums, offices, restaurants, and homes around the globe. We feel that we are the Best in the World and invite you to judge for yourself. Visit our dealer ’s showroom in WV to judge for yourself.

Showroom / Sales Office
200 West Washington St
Charles Town, WV 25414
We specialize in High Quality Restorations of Vintage Soda Chests. We carry and restore a select few of very desirable chests. When we are done with them, they are better than new, and as proof of our quality services, we provide a 1 year warranty with all of our restored soda chests! The soda chests that we carry are not only highly collectible while being most user friendly. You will own a piece of history and also have ice cold beverages anytime you wish. Use the buttons above for a closer look at some of our recently restored soda machines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 304-724-2100. We hope you enjoy your visit to!

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