We do offer our restoration services on your own personal soda chest. We restore all of our machines to Better Than New Condition. We are the best in the world at restoring vintage soda machines and it really shows in our finished product. If you have an old soda chest you would like us to restore, continue to our contact form. Once completed, upload your photo. We will get back to you with an exact price to restore your soda chest. Our restoration professionals will completely dissemble your machine. This includes the inside shell and the old refrigeration system. We then sand blast the outside of the machine to bare metal. Then our body work professionals fix any dents and imperfections. The inside shell to the soda chest is completely powder coated to give you a long lasting shinny surface. We replace all the insulation inside the machine. New Gaskets to ensure a tight fit on the top. We then put in our exclusive NEW Refrigeration system. This is why we can offer you a standard 5 year warranty on our machines.
All of our restored soda machines come with a standard 5 year warranty. If you would like to get pricing information on restoring your soda machine contact us with photos of the machine and we will get back to you with an exact price to restore your soda chest.
Do you have a Soda Chest you would like restored? Click here to upload an image so we can take a look!
Restored Westinghouse WD 5 Coca-Cola Cooler
Restored Westinghouse WD 10 Coca-Cola Cooler
Restored Westinghouse WD 12 Coca-Cola Cooler
We specialize in High Quality Restorations of Vintage Soda Chests. We carry and restore a select few of very desirable chests. When we are done with them, they are better than new, and as proof of our quality services, we provide a 1 year warranty with all of our restored soda chests! The soda chests that we carry are not only highly collectible while being most user friendly. You will own a piece of history and also have ice cold beverages anytime you wish. Use the buttons above for a closer look at some of our recently restored soda machines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 304-724-2100. We hope you enjoy your visit to SodaChest.com!

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